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The Coyle Group is a boutique insurance brokerage and risk management solutions firm focused solely on the business marketplace.

Founded as Coyle & Coyle in 1929 by brothers Harry & Jack Coyle in a small office in New City, NY the firm was originally a real estate and insurance brokerage serving the still very rural Rockland County.  A few years after its founding the brothers moved to larger offices in a building they purchased at 30 South Main Street, New City, which continues to be our office today.  By the time the Tappan Zee Bridge was completed both the insurance and real estate businesses were flourishing and the second generation of Coyles; F. Gordon & John W. Coyle, entered the firm.

In 1982, our current president – Gordon B. Coyle joined the firm after college.  Shortly thereafter we exited the real estate business, John W. retired followed a few years later with the retirement of F. Gordon Coyle.

Through the years the firm engaged in a number of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures to facilitate expansion and growth.  Around 2010 the firm began to spin off certain operations and lines of business so we could exclusively focus on commercial insurance to capitalize on the Strategic Risk Process we were building.  Today, we are exclusively focused on commercial property casualty insurance and creative risk solutions for business owners.

So what’s your story?

Our Story

The Coyle Difference

The Coyle Difference turns the buying process on its head. It doesn’t play by the same flawed “rules” that most commoditized brokers subscribe to, which focuses predominately on the price you pay. Instead it focuses on the risks and challenges you faces and then works analytically to resolving those issues with the right insurance and services to control risk. The goal is long term cost reduction, better protection, improved productivity, and enhanced enterprise value.

A unique thing about our process is that gives you the opportunity to take us for a test drive without upsetting existing broker or insurance carrier relationships. That way we can demonstrate our expertise and you can make a decision based on rational, analytical facts. Because we typically work outside of the traditional 90 day quote/renewal window, you’re not rushed into a decision based only on the bottom line price.

The Coyle Group
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Why we do what we do

Simon Sinek, in his notable TED Talk explains the importance of understanding every business’s WHY. It is the WHY that explains how a business is different and how it delivers on its mission. So, it’s probably a good idea to talk about why we’ve created a process and why we put so much effort into finding out what makes a prospective client tick, and what keeps them up at night. And why we can create not only the right mix of insurance protection, but also a risk management service plan tailored to help control, reduce, mitigate and manage those pesky risks they lose sleep over.

We believe that today’s lowest price driven sales process, and lack of understanding by insurance agents today puts a client at risk. It puts client’s livelihoods, their personal net worth, and their sustainability at risk. It puts their workforce at risk. And frankly, it just really pissed us off, so we vowed to change that.

The over commoditized and complacent attitude of the typical insurance agent and the impact it has on the client is just too much for us to ignore, so we needed to do something about it. And that is the reason (or the “why”) we do what we do, and how we do it.

Simon Sinek

That is why we created a unique process based on our expertise and resources to get back to the fundamentals of protection and to broaden the conversation about risk management.

Not too long ago, insurance agents were expert advisors to business owners. We helped identify challenges and business risks, and created insurance solutions tailored to client needs. But then something happened. Then business become tremendously commoditized – business owners and insurance brokers thought alike that the most important issue was the price, so sales training focused on how to manipulate decision makers to look at the bottom line and not the whole program. Agents were taught how to drive a “wedge” between a decision maker and their incumbent agent, or how to push the trial close, or they trained on how to block the marketplace to effectively compete. Lost were the days of understanding the fundamentals of client needs, and tailoring protection to those needs. Never mind how to speak to clients about advance risk management strategies!

The simple “quick quote” approach to business risk leaves too much to chance and exposes owners to extreme personal loss. Need any proof of how brokers are into the quick quote process – just look at most insurance agents websites – Click Here for a Quick Quote, Click for Fast Free Quote, Get Secure Quote, these are the phrases displayed prominently on just about every insurance site you visit. You won’t find a quick quote button here. Instead, let’s have a conversation and see if we’re a right fit for you and your situation.

Who We Work With

The Coyle Group works across a broad spectrum of industry verticals with both private and public companies. Whether you’re a fast growing local company or a mid-sized regional firm, we’ve got the tools, expertise and resources to help protect and grow your enterprise.



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