From New York, the Coyle Group deploys a simple but revolutionary process to gain a deeper understanding of client needs which goes well beyond just insurance.

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Intellectual curiosity and desire, drives us to dive deeply into the inner workings of your company so we have a thorough view of the risks you face and the tolerance level you have for risk and why we go beyond just insurance to deliver results.  If we don’t understand your New York business and your issues, it is impossible to adequately protect you.  This is why, like pieces of a puzzle, our process is methodical and thorough.  We go beyond just the procurement of insurance because a policy or binder full of policies cannot address all the issues you face without managing the other aspects of risk.  The graphic above describes in brief how we go about our work process.  Our first meeting is a conversation, not a sales pitch, so we can gain a better understanding of the risk issues and challenges you face, and whether an engagement with our firm is a good fit.  Unlike most brokers, we’re not going to pick up copies of your policies and go out to the marketplace for quotes at this point – our next step is to analyze your loss history and the information exchanged at the first meeting (and possibly subsequent meetings).  Once that is complete we will develop a conceptual presentation that identifies your company’s Total Cost of Risk and what efforts we will deploy to reduce that cost.

These few steps help drill down into the real issues while identifying potential cost savings, WITHOUT disrupting your current brokerage relationship, or the entire marketplace.  we believe that it’s an effective and intelligent method to impact a firm’s Total Cost of Risk.

If we’re successful in becoming your broker we begin the thorough risk management process illustrated on the next page “The Risk Management Process”.