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Cyber Risk is an ever growing threat to businesses of all types and sizes.  To help defend your company against cyber threats you need to consistently educate and train employees on the specifics of cyber risk and how to control them. That’s not always easy for busy employers who already have enough on their plates to carry out this sort of training, so we’re providing employers three guides to use with their teams plus an instruction guide on how to deploy training.

Each guide focuses on a separate cyber risk issue and can be downloaded and distributed to your employees at regular intervals, or used in classroom type settings as the foundation of your training process.  We suggest on downloading the instruction guide first (follow this link) so you have an idea on how to best carry out this training.

This Guide Focuses on Cyber Risk Communications:

Email, social media, social engineering and other cyber risks we face every day and how to be aware and avoid being trapped by hackers.

Download a copy, review it and customize it as needed.  Want to talk more about how we can help reduce your risk of being stung by hackers which could result in a damaging lawsuit?  Give us a call, and let’s see how we can help you control this risk.  Thanks!

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