A Focus on Specific Industries, Trades, Businesses & Policies

The Coyle Group works with all different types of clients in a wide variety of industries and sizes.  In order to focus our practice and create value for particular types of clients we have created specific Practice Groups centered around particular industries, trades, business types, or in the case of Worker Compensation – a particular policy type. 

Each Practice Group brings deep domain expertise in the insurance needs of that particular group, as well as a broad range of services focused on that group.  For example, the Manufacturing Practice Group works with manufacturers of all different types of products, or goods.  They can be manufacturers of food, metal goods, textiles, plastics, or any other type of product.  From an insurance perspective, manufacturers usually have very high property limits and unique property needs, some may need special forms of liability insurance such as product contamination and product recall, they all have the need for workers compensation.  We dovetail these coverage needs with risk management services and expertise.  So on the property insurance issue, it could be engaging the services of a fire protection specialist to determine if sprinkler systems are properly being maintained and the facility is receiving the best rate credits available.  For product liability, contamination and recall it might be a risk services plan to review Quality Control standards, product labeling, or record keeping processes on job/batch numbers and production dates.   For workers compensation we have a host of specialized safety, risk reduction services to help produce a safe and productive work force.

By combining the right insurance coverage forms unique to that industry and specific risk management services with expertise and knowledge of particular industries we create a powerful result for each practice group.  Please click on the links below for more information!


At The Coyle Group, we understand that manufacturers face a unique set of risks. We work to make sure your business is protected from the specific exposures it faces every day. Contact us today for a risk assessment.


 Wholesale Distribution

Wholesalers face risks beyond those that traditional business insurance can address. At The Coyle Group, our agents work collaboratively with company leader to define, quantify, and evaluate risk. Contact us to get started with an evaluation.



Technology businesses typically fall under two categories: Information/Network Technology and Life Science Technology. Each end of the technology spectrum needs specialized risk management and insurance solutions. Contact The Coyle Group to get your business needs evaluated.



Key concerns for owners and developers of real estate usually center on proper insurance to value, casualty risk transfer, crime, high limit liability protection, vacant properties, and buildings in the course of construction. 


The Coyle Group believes that every business deserves to have an insurance and risk management plan that is both unique and diagnostic. Whether you’re a small-town family business or a large corporation – we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.


Craft BrewersCraft & Micro-breweries have specific business insurance needs. Risk management for these businesses needs to be as unique as their market. The Coyle Group can help your craft brewery with all of its insurance and risk management solutions. Contact us today for information.


Workers' CompensationWorkers Compensation is a major cost for mid-market businesses. But often the real costs are not understood or revealed to the decision maker. Premium is only ONE factor in the total cost calculation for Workers Comp. Understanding the whole picture puts you in control of the TOTAL COST.


Construction and Contracting

The combination of our litigious and difficult regulatory environment that contractors live with makes safety and risk management an important and necessary part of their operations, and The Coyle Group is ready with the dedicated resources and tools to help contractors succeed and manage their risks.

Insurance Expertise for a Variety of New York Practice Groups

Since 1929, The Coyle Group has been working with a variety of industries, trades & business types throughout New York in the Rockland County communities of: New City, Nanuet, Haverstraw, Pearl River, Stony Point, Suffern, West Nyack, Congers, Valley Cottage, Nyack, Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Palisades, and Chestnut Ridge; the Orange County communities of: Goshen, Pine Bush, Middletown, Newburgh, New Windsor; the Westchester County communities of: White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Bedford, Elmsford. And in New York City – Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn.