Many insurance brokers see insurance solutions solely as what policies they sell, and while the policies or insurance products are solutions, we feel that they are only one part of the solution business owners need and deserve.  That’s why Solutions at The Coyle Group are broken into three categories:

We realize that business insurance is more than just a policy or set of policies that are renewed each year and stuck away in a file cabinet.  For your insurance program to be as effective as possible there needs to be methodology to selecting what coverages you need and what you don’t need; that process is defined as The Coyle Group Approach.  It is different and it is unique in the world of business insurance.

Your coverage program then needs to be backed up by a strategic risk management plan that will focus on helping your company reduce risk and the chance of loss.  Companies that deploy a risk reduction plan gain a competitive advantage over their peers that don’t.  Safer work environments are more productive with create less downtime and produce a higher level of goods and services.  The Services indicated here are just a small part of the broader menu of services available to clients of The Coyle Group, but illustrate the uniqueness of our service offering.

The Industry Practice Groups we have identified in the Practice Group section of Solutions brings together specific knowledge and expertise as well as risk management strategies for those particular groups.  With deep domain expertise in each of Practice Group, our goal is to bring a high level of service and risk reduction to clients operating in these particular verticals.   As an example, in our Hospitality Practice Group, we have partnered with a security consulting firm that can perform online or in-house training for employees of restaurants, bars, and clubs to reduce the risk of alcohol related losses while complying with state regulations.   Another example is our Certificate Management Program for contractors in our Construction Practice Group; this program helps contractors manage and monitor certificates of insurance of sub-contractors by analyzing, calendaring, and requesting renewal certificates from subs.  By helping our contracting clients with this important step of effective risk transfer we strengthen their legal liability protection and avoid unnecessary hassles at premium audit time.

The bottom line is that just about anyone can sell you a policy, The Coyle Group has the expertise, knowledge, resources and tools (which we call Solutions) to help your company go beyond just insurance.