OSHA 300 Log Posting Reminder

OSHAFebruary 1st is the date when employers subject to OSHA Posting requirements need to have their OSHA Log Summary (300A Form) posted in a conspicuous location within their facility where employee notices are usually posted.

Most employers with 10 or more employees are subject to the posting requirements except those in retail, service, and office type operations.  The OSHA website does provide a listing of exempt industries.

If you are subject to the law, the 300A form must list the total number of job related injuries and illnesses that occurred in calendar year 2013.  Before posting it needs to be signed by a company executive, certifying that the form is true and accurate.  Once posted, it should remain posted until April 30, 2014.

OSHA posting and record keeping isn’t just required by law, but it’s also a good benchmark and measuring tool to see how your company performs against your peers.  If you need additional assistance or have questions about the recordabiliity of losses and incidents, or benchmarking  please contact us at 845-634-3606 or use the contact box above.