The Risk Management Process Deployed at The Coyle Group:

A systematic analysis of exposures to loss using audits, checklists, historical data, and personal interviews.  A critical first step to understanding and managing corporate risk
Corporate risks are constantly evolving, so proactively managing and monitoring the effectiveness of risk control techniques, and the risk transfer mechanisms are critically important to assure success in managing the Total Cost of Risk.
Once risks are identified we can begin to strategically deploy our resources needed to control the frequency and severity of risk.

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 Once risks are identified and control strategies are in place we can review insurance and contractual risk transfer options.


As you can see, this is not just about shopping around for the best price on your insurance program.  Our process is modeled after the same risk management process that large Fortune 500 type companies deploy to manage risk within their organizations which is scaled to the mid-market.  The good news is that we provide you the tools, resources and expertise at no additional cost than what you’re currently paying for just business insurance.  For companies with 50 or more employees (or growing in that direction), our Risk Management approach to business insurance is clearly an advantage to help you gain greater control over risk, minimize the potential to loss, and more accurately address the needs your company has for risk transfer / insurance.  And, when it comes to negotiating your business insurance renewals we can confidently say that our well documented risk management process provides proof to the insurance underwriting community that your company or organization earns greater attention and pricing flexibility than your competition who is just soliciting bids for the lowest priced insurance program.  Business insurance underwriting is a game of predicting future losses based on historical losses and creating a price based on those future outcomes.  If you can demonstrate greater control over future outcomes with a documented plan, and better than average historical loss performance, don’t you think your company warrants the greatest price flexibility than your competition? Based on our experience you will, which only further reduces costs and providing you a greater competitive advantage.

For more information on how we can help deploy this withing your organization, please contact us!