Zywave is a unique risk management portal our clients and prospects have access to for a variety of purposes.  Here you can:

  • Manage your OSHA 300A log electronically
  • Download any number of safety flyers, payroll stuffers, or other employee facing safety tools with your name already placed into the copy.
  • Create a customized safety manual or any number of other risk control documents ready for your use.
  • Share in a secure community of other business owners, risk managers, and other safety professionals ideas, issues, questions or thoughts on business risk in digital “meeting room” similar to message boards.
  • Download customized Toolbox Talks for your next safety meeting.

Zywave is a great resource for clients, but some of its greatest power is when we combine the feature rich documents with our internal expertise to help drive results for our clients.  Here’s a short example of how we’ve done that in the past:

We have a client in the construction field that was experiencing frequent fender benders with the drivers of their fleet of construction vehicles.  We organized an in-house driver training program for the employees and conducted the seminar on a Saturday so as not to consume valuable working hours.  The incentive for the employees (beyond being paid for the half day) was a 10% reduction in their personal insurance premiums for driver training education, but using Zywave we were able to program a series of safe driver tips, habits, and reminders to be sent to the participating drivers every week for 3 months.  This subtle reinforcement combined with hands on training helped reduce minor accidents by over 50% in the first year, which also helped our negotiating leverage on the clients auto renewal program.

Zywave is a unique tool geared for mid-market businesses to help them control risk and create results.  For more information or to enroll in our Zywave platform, please contact us for more information.